About Us

Web operations (WebOps) is a domain of expertise within IT systems management that involves the deployment, operation, maintenance, tuning, and repair of web-based applications and systems.Wikipedia, “Web Operations.”

We’ve been providing Managed WordPress Hosting services for web developers, marketing agencies and a few large companies for the last 15 years. Our service has evolved over the years, in line with the needs of our clients and the technology landscape. 

We manage every layer in the "technology stack' to ensure that your web services keep running, sites load quickly and data is secured and protected:

  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Server Management
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Analytics and Marketing Tags

One thing has remained unchanged over the years is the level of service we provide. We provide a totally ‘worry-free’ service that allows our clients to focus on building websites and getting more business. Need a quick change, to modify a DNS record or add a user to a website? Just open a support ticket, send an email, chat message or text and we’ll take care of it!