More Domains Available for Less

 Wednesday, February 2, 2022

We're pleased to announce significant decreases in our domain name pricing for all 830 top-level-domains (TLDs) that can be purchased through WebOps Hosting. The new prices go into effect immediately for new registrations, renewals and transfers and we'll be automatically transferring domains previously registered through us to our new Registrar upon renewal.


The new pricing is possible because domains are being registered with and renewed / transferred to 1API. Along with very competitive pricing, 1API allows us to offer a massive selection of TLDs and the ability to "backorder" expired domains that are becoming available for registration. We are now also able to, almost automatically, transfer existing domains registered with other Registrars at the point of domain renewal to minimize costs.

Retail vs Reseller Pricing

As you browse the new domain pricing, please bear in mind that if you're one of our agency, developer, designer, freelancer etc. clients reselling our services, the pricing that you see on the website will be further discounted on checkout, which puts our new domain pricing below many major domain Registrars.

Domain Name Suggestions

When you try the domain search, you'll also notice a more powerful system for suggesting possible TLDs if the name you're searching for is taken. Even though you're now able to search and select your domain names without assistance, feel free to ask for our advice before you make your purchase.

Transferring Your Domains

For our clients who already have domains registered with us and list their client as the Registrant, when the domain is being renewed, they will receive an email notifying them about the change. Just ask them to click the link in the message after "please go to our website" to renew and transfer the domain immediately. Communicating the transfer process early will streamline the migration. 


If you've got domains with other Registrars and would like to take advantage of better pricing and the convenience of having your Domains, DNS, WordPress and Analytics managed by one trusted partner, please get in touch!