Managed WordPress Updates

Keeping WordPress websites up-to-date is essential to ensure your site remains secure, performs well and is accessible across all devices. It can be quite time consuming but is the most important aspect of website maintenance. The plugins and themes developed by the global WordPress community are released on a regular basis - it is not unusual for WordPress websites to see several updates every week. Some of these updates contain security fixes while some introduce new features, improve performance or fix bugs present in the installed version.

The cost of ignoring updates that contain security fixes can be substantial. Hackers and Spammers are constantly probing websites for vulnerabilities and outdated software will offer an easy way in. A hacked site could lead to all sorts of problems including:

  • Leak of private user data

  • Loss of Search Engine Rankings

  • Reputation Damage

  • Loss of Revenue

  • Malware warnings on your website

  • Unauthorized charges on customer credit cards

  • Expense of ridding an infected site of malware

WordPress updates also ensure that active WordPress plugins and themes remain compatible with WordPress itself and with updates to the active theme and plugins. Unfortunately, updates also introduce the risk of disruption due to bugs in the new version or conflicts with other installed software that can lead to errors showing on the site, inability to access the WordPress dashboard or a complete website crash.

To ensure the websites we host enjoy the benefits of up-to-date software without the risks, we use a WordPress update process that we've developed and refined over the last 15 years. For sites with Advanced Functionality or Custom Coding, we also offer optional "Staged Updates. Available as an Addon to all Hosting Plans, when performing updates we clone the website and test the update on the clone without affecting the production website. We assess any issues, identify changes, and decide if the update should be performed on the production website.

Our WordPress Update Workflow
Review Changes

Changelogs are reviewed throughout the week as new versions are released, making note of special update instructions from the developer.

Community Experience

We monitor support forums, twitter lists and slack channels to monitor for increases in support requests that may indicate an issue with the update

Non-Production Sites

Updates are first made to our test, development and staging websites that are not publicly available and monitored for errors and issues.

Weekly Updates

We install the available updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes, once every week, when traffic to the website is lowest, which is usually on weekends.

Post Update Checks

Sites are automatically and manually reviewed to verify there are no errors or visual changes. If there is an issue with the update, we investigate and attempt to address it, making any changes to settings as required.

Optional Client Reports

The weekly report that goes out to clients each week contains a list of all updates done to the site.

Frequently Asked Questions
Introduced with WordPress 3.7, Automatic Updates checks for available updates to WordPress, themes and plugins in the background and installs them without user intervention. Our Managed Updates are far from automated and involve a review of changes, rolling out updates on non-production sites first, manual and automated checks for errors and troubleshooting or reversing updates as needed.
We connect all WordPress websites to a central management dashboard that, when synchronized with managed websites, allows us to see the available updates to WordPress, themes and plugins. We also receive alerts, via email, when an available update addresses a security vulnerability.
Yes, we are able to update premium plugins and themes using the Envato Market plugin. When necessary, we also ensure the theme or plugin is registered (using the Envato purchase code) if this is also required for updates.
It generally isn't possible to update paid plugins and themes if the license has expired so the license will either need to renewed or the plugin or theme replaced with an alternative.
Always up-to-date. Zero stress.
With our fully Managed Updates, never worry about outdated WordPress, Themes or Plugins again!

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