Google Workspace Migration and Support

Our Google Workspace Support and Data Migration Service provides expert assistance to users of Google Workspace products.  We provide a smooth transition to Google's email platform by overseeing the migration of your emails, updating relevant DNS records and providing ongoing support as needed to ensure minimal disruption while ensuring that all data is secure and safe. 

As the first step in the migration process, we produce a comprehensive plan that outlines the steps needed to complete the migration and any associated risks. It will also provide guidance on how to handle any problems that may arise along the way. Once we've agreed on the plan, we sign up for the Google Workspace free trial, create the required users and email addresses and begin importing emails.

Once the users have confirmed that all the email has been migrated, we update the DNS records to direct mail to Google's servers. We then make ourselves available 24/7 to provide quality support in case of any issues, enabling users to make the most of their Google Workspace experience.

With our experience and expertise with the full range of Google services, you can rest assured that your business has the support it needs to succeed in your move to The Cloud.

Our Process
The Plan

We agree on a comprehensive plan that outlines the steps needed to complete the migration and any associated risks. Pay particular attention to the "Action Required" column, which describes what we propose be done with inactive email addresses.

Free Trial

Google Workspace offers a free trial so when the account is created, there is no need to pay right away. You can sign up for the free trial or we can do it on your behalf.

Protect your Domain

To prevent someone else using your domain with Google Workspace, Google requires verification. Just click the "I'm ready to protect my domain" link and send the DNS record that they provide to us, we'll take care of it. 

Create Users

If we didn't set up the account, we need a user to be created and assigned the "Super Admin" role. Once created, we create other users as required.

Update Passwords

To allow Google Workspace to connect to your current email mailbox, we reset your current email passwords to a new, strong password which is shared with users via temporary secure file share.

Import Mail

Other than the updated password, everything remains the same with the current email accounts as the import process begins.

Progress Reports

With regular updates including screenshots of progress as a percentage of completion, you always know where things stand overall and on a per user basis.

User Testing

Once the migration is completed, all users are invited to log into Google Workspace to confirm that emails were migrated successfully and everything is in order.

Non-Licensed User

Before the end of the free trial, we change the user created for our support technician to "Non-Licensed", so there is no monthly cost associated with an additional active Google Workspace user.

DNS Records

We point email traffic to Google Workspace and authorize Google to deliver email on behalf of the domain by configuring the appropriate MX, SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.

Data Synchronization

We perform one last import to import any emails that arrived while the DNS records were propagating across the Internet. At this point, all users' emails are in their Google accounts and new emails are being delivered there.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing assistance with Google Workspace to address any issues that may arise, performing any administrative tasks that may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions
The migration to Google Workspace depends on how much many emails need to be copied. It can range from a few hours in the case of one or two relatively small mailboxes to a couple of weeks.
We minimize or eliminate disruptions in email service during the migration by allowing both the old and new email mailboxes to operate simultaneously. While the data migration is in progress, email continues to go to the old mailbox. Once the data migration is complete, we do a final import to get any emails that came in since the last import, then switch the DNS records. As there is usually a delay before Internet Service Providers receive the new location of the mail server, we run a final migration after the DNS update has propagated fully, to ensure nothing has been missed.
Yes, your data is secure and safe while being transferred to Google Workspace. The connection between your current mail server and Google Workspace is encrypted with 256-bit encryption technology, ensuring that all data is securely transmitted and stored.
We can provide guidance on setting up and configuring the new Google Workspace environment, as well as troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the migration process. Our support team is also available to answer any questions.
Yes, we update all DNS records required for Google Workspace, without affecting any other applications that also rely on DNS.
A variety of DNS records are typically required for Google Workspace to work properly. These include CNAME (alias), MX (mail exchange) and various TXT (text) records for verification, authentication and reporting.
Yes, after the setup is complete, there is a low per user fee every month that covers troubleshooting and resolving any incidents or issues that may arise. This includes any administrative tasks that would be done in the Google Workspace Admin Dashboard like adding and removing users and DNS updates as needed.
We currently only provide migration and support for custom email service powered by Gmail.
Available as an Addon to any Hosting Plan!
Enjoy a smooth transition to The Cloud! Let's talk about migrating your email to Google Workspace today!

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