Ongoing and Emergency Support

Building and maintaining strong customer relationships means both providing for their ongoing support needs, as well as emergency support when things don't work as expected. It also isn't enough to simply respond to requests for assistance, as today's demanding client expects to be able to reach someone that can address the issue quickly, without having to spend time on hold or wasting time with online chat bots.

You need to be able to offer your clients a responsive service that is available around the clock, whilst ensuring that clients remain happy with the level of customer service offered. However, even the simplest support request takes time that could otherwise be spent meeting project deadlines or working through the sales pipeline to bring in future projects. For smaller agencies and freelancers, unexpected support requests or urgent issues that require immediate action can mean projects that aren't delivered on time, meetings missed and the end of years-long relationships.

One of the primary benefits of working with WebOps Hosting is that we are both willing and uniquely able to provide support across the entire range of technologies that power your online presence. As a provider domain registrations, DNS, hosting and WordPress maintenance, we usually know exactly the cause of the problem and are able to take the required action to take care of it, usually without the need to wait for a third party. If you’re busy and need, for example, to modify DNS records or add a user to a website, just let us know and we will take care of it. Just send us an email, chat message or text.

For agencies, marketers and freelancers that resell our services and want to provide seamless customer service without the client being aware of our role as a service provider, we provide the "White Label Support" Addon to Hosting Plans. With this service, we provide support directly to your client through email, chat, video conferencing or remote management software, on a "White Label" basis. That is, our support is provided either without any branding or using your branding, logo and support email address, without revealing WebOps Hosting's involvement to the client.

Support Features
24/7 Service

No matter the time of day or night, our team is always available , including on weekends! Should a crisis arise, you can assured our team is ready to tackle it immediately with utmost urgency.

Fast Support Responses

If there is an emergency, fast support responses are essential for minimizing the impact. Once we are made aware of an issue, we immediately identify the cause and evaluate the impact. Once we understand what is happening, we take the required action, while keeping the client updated throughout.

No Unnecessary Communications

Our clients work with us so they can focus on their core business, without interruptions. As such, we don't fill your inbox with emails and reports about every issue because we recognize them for the marketing tactic they are. If possible, we proactively resolve any issue and make note of the incident.

Reach out to us on your terms

We understand everyone has a preferred way of communicating so you can send us a WhatsApp message, an email, Google Chat message, iMessage or text. No jumping through hoops, just reach out to us we will track your request internally in our ticket system until it is resolved.

Issue Tracking

Every interaction with your organization is tracked in our ticketing system, regardless of how you got in touch with us. Not only will you receive communication via email but all communication with us can be reviewed in our client portal.

Emergency Restore from Backup

With our comprehensive multi-level backup strategy, if it is necessary to restore your site from backup, we can do this quickly on your behalf, with absolute confidence.

PHP Updates

We update all sites to the latest version supported by WordPress, testing for conflicts and incompatibilities and either replacing with compatible alternatives or, in the case of legacy plugins and themes that are no longer being updated, patching as needed.

White Label Addon

We respond via email using email@yourdomain, answer the phone with your company greeting, we'll even wear your company t-shirt on Zoom calls! Your client has one smooth, seamless interaction with your brand, from beginning to end.

Frequently Asked Questions
There is no limit to the number of support tickets that can be submitted each month. If there is a problem, please let us know and we will investigate and work to resolve it.
Yes, we provide support for all kinds of WordPress websites. For sites with custom WordPress themes and plugins, complex functionality and API integrations, we are willing to interact directly with the developer to resolve any issues.
If a website has a known or suspected malware infection, it will be cleaned as part of the migration process and the site hardened to prevent future hacks.
We typically take action on communications from our clients almost immediately and respond after addressing the request or issue, which is usually under an hour. If it is a complex issue that requires investigation or coordination with the developer, we respond immediately to let the client know and then report any progress throughout the process.
Website Issue? We'll take care of it!
Just open a support ticket, send an email, chat message or text!

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